CyberAware Technologies

JSIG RMF Security Training

Our trainers are security professionals and Subject Matter Experts. We provide unique value by communicating lessons-learned and responding to specific student needs.

Experienced Consulting

We have 50+ years of experience to help meet your needs and increase efficiency in your existing processes. Our consultants are PMP-certified, which demonstrates that we are at the ready to provide process-based solutions for your team.

Ransomware Assessments

We can leverage our experience to perform a vulnerability analysis to assess your level of risk against a ransomware attack. Contact us to schedule a discussion on how you can best protect your valuable data.


“We know your time is valuable. We will use our knowledge and experience to exceed your expectations.” –
Ted Kula, Owner & CEO

Our Subject Matter Expert (SME) trainers are experienced in the content they are teaching, so they can answer your questions. This means a higher student success rate. Our course content is based on proven instructional design techniques, which means the content is structured so it can be more easily understood and is focused on you, the student.

CyberAware Technologies

Professional Training and Consulting Services

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